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Stellite Family: Stellite

Stellite 6 is our most popular alloy as it provides a good balance of all of these properties. The Stellite alloys retain their properties at high temperatures where they also have excellent oxidation resistance. They are typically used in the temperature range 315 600 C 600 1112 F. They can be finished to exceptional levels of ...

Stellite Family: Deloro

Stellite Family: Deloro. The Deloro alloys are nickel based with additions of typically Cr, C, B, Fe, and Si. They cover a very wide range of hardness from soft, tough, buildup alloys that are easily machined or hand finished to exceptionally hard, wearresistant alloys. They maintain their properties up to temperatures of about 315 C ...

Aerospace Alloys

Stellite Alloy 6B AMS 5894 When it comes to tough, wearresistant materials with certified mechanical properties, Stellite 6B is in a class by itself. Unlike many other materials that sacrifice toughness for wear resistance, Stellite alloy 6B offers both.

Dental Alloys

Kennametal Stellite produces a wide range of NonPrecious dental alloys, ranging from standard alloys shown in the table below to a custom designs. Kennametal Stellite holds approval in accordance with the medical devices directive 93/42/EEC amp ISO 13485:2003 for the manufacture of dental base metal casting alloys.

Hardfacing Alloys

Kennametal Stellite manufactures consumable weld overlay materials as cast rod, cored wire, electrodes, and powder, with a special focus on nickel and cobalt base materials. A wide range of standard alloys chemistry and dimensional allows the flexibility to provide custom materials to unique specifications.

Stellite Family: Tribaloy

The Right Tool for the Job. Tribaloy alloys high molybdenum content accounts for the excellent dryrunning properties of Tribaloy alloys and makes them very suitable for use in adhesive metalto metal wear situations. Tribaloy alloys can be used up to 8001000 C 14721832 F.

Stellite Products

Stellite Products. Manufactured using a comprehensive range of alloys to combat wear in the most demanding environments. No matter the industry, we offer the flexibility to supply components in any volume and either ascast or finishmachined to meet exacting tolerances. Kennametal Stellite manufactures consumable weld overlay materials ...


Stellite alloy 31 Bal. 26 7.5 0.5 10 lt 2.0 lt1.0 lt 0.5 R30031 20 35 ... 36 42 Deloro alloy 50 12 0.5 Bal. 35 3.5 2.2 B N99645 SFA ...


ALLOY Co Cr W C Others Stellite TM 6 Bal. 28,0 4,5 1,2 Fe, Ni, Mo, Mn, Si PHYSICAL PROPERTIES ALLOY Hardness Density Melting Range Stellite TM 6 36 46 HRC / 380 490 HV 8,44 g/cm 3 1285 1410C NOMINAL HOT HARDNESS HV resp. DPH AS CAST 20C 100C 200C 300C 400C 500C 600C 700C 800C 900C

Stellite an overview ScienceDirect Topics

Stellite 6, the nominal chemical composition of which is 2732 Cr, 46 W, 0.91.4 C, with additions of Ni, Fe, Si, Mn and Mo and Co as balance, is a twophase alloy, with a chromium carbide minor phase, which has been shown to have outstanding resistance to both erosion and corrosion.

Stellite for Aerospace

other materials that sacrifice toughness for wear resistance, Stellite alloy 6B offers both. With its excellent wear characteristics, hot hardness, corrosion resistance, and superior mechanical properties, Stellite alloy 6B is the material of choice for many demanding aerospace wear applications.


ULTIMET alloy Principal Features STELLITE alloylike wear resistance and HASTELLOY alloylike corrosion resistance in a single, highly weldable material ULTIMET alloy UNS R31233 provides a unique blend of properties. From a wear standpoint, it behaves like the STELLITE alloys with lower carbon contents. From a corrosion

Stellite 21 AM Powder Product Datasheet

Alloy Co Cr Mo Si Mn Fe C Ni All Others Stellite 21AM Bal 27.5 5.5 1.7 lt1 lt2.0 0.25 2.5 lt1.0 Powder Characteristics Alloy Scott Density g/cc Tap Density g/cc Hall Flow s, 50g Melting Range C Stellite 21AM 5 5 12 12901440 Stellite 21AM is the first generation of the Stellite family approved for Laser Powder Bed Fusion platforms.

Alloys DW Clark

ALLOYS ALLOYS CAST The following alloys are readily available. We pour hundreds of alloys each month and also offer custom specifications, let us know if you do not see what you are looking for below. Please contact us to discuss your alloy requirements. STAINLESS 300 and 400 series, 174, Duplex,

PTA Starweld Brochure

Cobaltbased Stellite alloys are the most wellknown and successful alloys in the world, with the best allaround properties. They combine excellent mechanical wear resistance, especially at high temperatures, with very good corrosion resistance. Stellite alloys are mostly cobalt based with additions of Cr, C, W, and/or Mo.

Stellite Scrap

Stellite Scrap Stellite Scrap shall consist of clean sorted Haynes Stellite HS solid scrap excluding HS27 with a minimum cobalt content of 50. May contain HS23, HS25, HS31, HS36, L605. Typical material will have a content range of 110 Nickel, 1216 Chrome and 5067 Cobalt.

Alloy 400 Columbia Metals

Monel Alloy 400 NA13, N04400 is a nickelcopper alloy resistant to seawater and steam at high temperatures and widely used in the chemical, oil and marine industries. As a solution strengthened material, Monel Alloy 400 displays good strength, toughness and corrosion resistance at temperatures up to 400C.

Abrasives an overview ScienceDirect Topics

The data for STELLITE alloys 1, 6, 12, and 190 relate to gas tungsten arc TIG weld overlays. Alloy 6B is a wrought version of Stellite 6 alloy it has much larger, and more uniformly dispersed, carbide particles which provide much higher resistance to lowstress abrasion at the same carbon content 1.1 wt..

6B Tech Data High Temp Metals

Haynes alloy No. 25 or Hastelloy alloy W filler metals are recommended for joining alloy No. 6B to softer materials such as carbon steel or stainless steel, while the harder cobaltbased filler metals such as Alloy 6, No. 6B, and No. 21 are recommended for joining alloy No. 6B to itself, especially if wear resistance is required in the weld areas.

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